Enterprise Debt Management Solutions

Fresh thinking

A collaborative approach

Machine learning

Modern technology


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We have a laser focus: 

Deliver the best solutions enabling your business to excel in the new collections world.

Here at Flexys we are applying fresh thinking and inspiring technology to deliver the most collaborative customer engagement solution for enterprise Collections and Recoveries.

We are excited about our solutions and if you have anything to do with the collections and customer engagement world, you will be too. We have launched a digital self-service affordability tool with cutting-edge features that will make life easier for you, your customers and your agents.

Take a look at some of the founding principles of our business:

Fresh Thinking

We are making things simpler and easier. Taking advantage of powerful new technology your team will be able to rapidly deliver a collaborative customer experience. The result will be stronger customer relationships, more sustainable arrangements, lower costs and improved revenue. All this within a compliant framework that encourages customers to regain control of their financial situation.

Our research and development division combines innovative ideas, advanced computer science, data and analytics to deliver practical real world business advantage. But we never forget that everything we do is centred on helping you apply the most appropriate customer treatment generating the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Our tools and services enable you to promote and sustain a culture of continual improvement across your collections organisation.

Proven Experience

Our management team know the new collections world. We have held senior positions in a broad range of organisations from boutique software houses and multi-national corporations to front-line credit providers. Together we have extensive experience delivering Collections Solutions for banks, financial services, utilities, telcos and government across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the USA. We understand what works, what clients love and what drives them crazy too!

We will ensure you benefit from our extensive experience by working in partnership to deliver more effective solutions for your business.

Inspiring Technology

The foundation of any effective operational solution is transparent & powerful technology that delivers flexibility into the hands of the business. We have incorporated, from the very beginning, some of the most exciting innovations in advanced computing, technical architecture, scalability & security.   The outcome is a powerful, robust and easy-to-use tool with which you can  drive continual learning and improvement in your collections universe. We can rapidly deliver our solutions via the cloud or implement them on your infrastructure, whatever works for you.

Our technology will transparently facilitate flexible and innovative enterprise level business solutions.


At the core of everything we do:

First Class Customer Service

Flexys are committed to delivering excellent customer service, every time, across the board, simple as that.


We realise that no matter how good the technology is, if you are not getting the customer service, support, training and advice you need frustrations can build and compromise the effectiveness of your operation.