Our story

Flexys was formed in 2016 by Debt Management solution specialists looking to dramatically improve on the status quo in the industry. We believe that by offering fresh thinking, working collaboratively and applying innovative technology we can add substantial value.

Our philosophy


Fresh thinking

We are driven by a passion to deliver the most innovative solutions using fresh thinking and a new approach. Most of the enterprise scale debt management solutions available today are rooted in the pre-digital era. In the contemporary world of digital engagement, AI, Fintech, big data, APIs and agile approaches there are exciting opportunities to be more innovative than ever before. Delivering solutions that allow your business to take full advantage of new ways of working, new technology and new attitudes is what we are all about.

Collaboration works

We work collaboratively with our clients supporting their business objectives. Our solutions enable your business to collaborate closely with your customers to ensure better outcomes are achieved. We aim to ensure you are delighted, both with the insight and solutions we deliver and with the support and service you receive. We think your customers will be responsive to the same way of working.

Smart solutions

We have integrated machine learning to give dynamic insight into how your customers behave. Applying this technology will enable you to continuously optimise your strategies by determining significant new clusters or trends or patterns of data. Machine learning will help you personalise engagement with customers, including those who are vulnerable, and identify how to best target your most valuable resources. We are working with other Fintech providers to ensure your business benefits from the most useful advances in this exciting area of disruptive technology.

Reactive platform

We have built a solid, reactive platform that operates comfortably at huge scale, is economical and rapidly integrates to a wide range of environments. We offer our solutions as cloud based/hosted managed services - the key enablers in building targeted solutions to meet the new challenges in collections. Our platform puts digital front and centre to promote collaborative customer engagement and give your business the flexible capabilities to adapt quickly to change in a cost efficient way.


Our team

  Jon Hickman    CEO

Jon Hickman


Jon started his career 30 years ago coding one of the pioneering automated collections & litigation systems at Welbeck Finance.

Having worked for market-leading collections solutions provders in a variety of roles Jon moved to Talgentra as a senior member of the team and was responsible for growing the Tallyman business before its acquisition by Experian.

Working extensively within Banking, Telco, Utilities and government clients in the UK, EU, Asia, Africa and the USA provided alternative perspectives on what constitutes a good collections management solution. Jon has worked in senior positions in US and UK digital collections providers before founding Flexys with Brian Smith & Joe Heath.

Likes: Motorcycles, Art & Design, Technology & Innovation

  Brian Smith    CTO

Brian Smith


A software architect and developer, Brian is in the rare position of having both real world user and development experience of collections technology. Joining Talgentra as an engineer in 2006 he went on to lead the development of Tallyman post Experian acquisition and acted as a product architect during the formulation of Experian's PowerCurve product suite.

More recently Brian worked as an independent consultant embedded in the Collections department of a large Tallyman customer in the utilities sector, delivering a series of significant business led enhancements alongside a billing system replacement programme.

Brian is a proponent of agile approaches to software and enjoys using technology to solve real business problems efficiently.

Likes: Scala, Linux, Static Types and Bristol City FC.

  Joe Heath    Director, Flexys Labs

Joe Heath

Director, Flexys Labs

Joe has 20+ years experience in software development and has recently completed an MSc in Machine Learning at the University of Bristol, designing a new language for implementing neural networks.

At Talgentra Joe ran the Development, QA, & Support functions and was a key member of the team managing the sale of the business to Experian.

As Director of Research & Development at Experian Joe set up and managed the Experian R&D centre in Malaysia leading a facility employing 250 people.

Interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Methodologies, Neural Networks of all types, Computational Neuroscience

Likes: Coding, Martial Arts, Blacksmithing, Cats

  Brian Dewis    Non Executive Chairman

Brian Dewis

Non Executive Chairman

In a career spanning 35 years Brian has held many board level positions in global software organisations most recently as CEO of Talgentra; the company responsible for developing and selling the then market leading collections solution Tallyman. Brian was the architect of significant growth of the business putting in place the team and logistics to support global expansion and sales into Tier 1 Banks, Telcos, Utilities and Government. Having significantly grown the Talgentra turnover between 2002 to 2007 the business was sold to Experian.

Likes: Travelling, Trading, Leicester City